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How to Schedule Social Media Posts – Post Daily


Digital platforms have become a battlefield for today’s marketers; everyone is in a rush to get trendy social media content and attract more traffic. Here you are ready to catch this train of reach but manually looking for good content and trying to keep a record of your posts puts you far away from this train and you eventually end up losing many potential clients.

Sounds tragic right? Luckily for you, scheduling is an easy solution to this mess. With social media scheduling, you can make sure that your content stays prepared in advance for any of your upcoming marketing projects. Furthermore, you get to make your calendar that will revolve around your preferred timings. Now you might be wondering how to schedule social media posts on Postredi, would it be a drag? Not at all, it’s simple and easy. Let’s learn.

What is Social Media Scheduler?

Social media scheduler is simply a centralized panel where you get to decide what to post and when to post on your social media platforms in advance. The scheduler does the tricky part for you by allowing you to plan your posts ahead of time so that you and your team can focus on other important tasks.



Hoping from one platform to another while making a mental note of all the posts is exhausting and eats up a lot of time. With social media scheduler, however, you get to save a lot of time and trouble for yourself. Just because social media tries to seek your attention 24/7 doesn’t mean you have to give it your 24/7 too.



Each scheduler has many supported platforms, allowing you to connect with your audience throughout the digital world of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on. With scheduling, no platform is left behind, and by actively posting on your social handles, maximum engagement with your audience is ensured and your workflow stays smooth.


How to Post on Multiple Portals?

Being part of a marketing team makes it natural to emphasize efficiency more than anything else. Our primary focus is good social performance and proper management of our social media portals. However, this goal will only be plausible if you know your way around the social media scheduler. You can get maximum reach on all your social portals by posting catchy content with consistency at specific times. And yes, of course, a bonus of some free time too. Let us draw a simple guideline for you on how you can post on multiple portals.


·         After subscribing to any of the mentioned plans of Postredi, you will find a detailed window displaying an outlook for your content timing management. Scheduling is done best after planning some basic information for your posts, like date, time, time-zone, and the platforms where you wish to post. So hash out these details with your team beforehand.


·         Time to address the elephant in the room, how will you be posting on multiple social platforms at the same time? Look for the blue icon of “Add Social Platform” at the top right corner. Found it? Great, now click on it and you will get a popup of all the supported platforms. Time to add your socials. Whatever post you create will now be posted on all the added social media platforms, let it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. (Image)


·         Another way to add social platforms is by clicking the dropdown menu of “Social Accounts” and then “adding” your social accounts. Once you are done, apply this added information.


Posting from Multiple Social Accounts at the same time


Remember, you are in control of where to post and when to post your content. With that being said, it is time to learn how you will post from different social accounts. Postredi allows you to add many accounts to a single social platform. Let’s say you have some Facebook accounts and all of them require updated content weekly. You can add these accounts to your scheduler and let it do the rest for you.


But before you start pouring your socials crazily, there are some baby steps you got to go through.


1.   Go through your social accounts.

The key to making a proficient social media calendar is to design a social media strategy first. For that:

·         Get a clear picture of your social media presence. Get rid of any of the outdated profiles and focus on the accounts that are more connected with your users.


·         Look closely for the underwhelming results on your socials and make this an opportunity for improvement.


·         Basic demographics and personas of your audience will help you efficiently engage with them. This will only be possible by investing quality time in your social media handles. You can then design your accounts accordingly.


2.   Plan the content you wish to add to your calendar.

Here comes the stressful bit, content. Creating a refreshing and appealing content library is not easy and this is where you will be spending most of your time. Postredi does most of the legwork for you with its tool “Generate Post Ideas”. But the golden rule is to make notes of the content you post to keep a track of its engagement and conversation impressions.


3.   Use your team’s feedback for Improvement.

Your designed calendar will serve you only if it makes sense to everyone else on the team too. Ask for their feedback. We know it’s a daunting task to compile a compact schedule but it’s vital. Is it less detailed or really confusing? Should there be more columns? There is always room for improvement. So ask for ideas and make your schedule more effective.


4.   Remember Social Media’s Rule of Thirds

If your social media account is a dumping ground for unnecessary information, you are doing it wrong. There should be a balance in your posts which is maintained by the golden rule of thirds. Divide your content into three portions.


·         The first part is the promotional content. The prime goal of these posts is to get more clicks (traffic). So you need to work a little more with your headings and hashtags to drive your business.


·         Then comes the curated content. Here, you will be sharing other people’s content like industry news, updates on current affairs or trends, and so on. The purpose of this post is to build marketing relations and keep you from spamming about your services.


·         Last but not least, conversational posts – the hellos, comments, and thankyous. Create an environment for your user where they feel that you actually care. Take suggestions and converse properly with them.


Stay Organized with Postredi

By now, you must have made yourself familiar with how to schedule social media posts and stay organized. So, with the above guide, you can plan your content way ahead of time which will get posted automatically on your socials at the chosen times. You can stick to this schedule and ensure that you have quality content prepared. Your free time will actually be free time where you do not have to log in to your socials on holidays to make sure the posts are being made.


Say goodbye to juggling and scrambling content every day. Organize, improve and achieve.


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