tips on real estate marketing on social media

Tips on How to do Real Estate Marketing on Social Media

Real estate social media marketing has grown a lot over the last few years. What was once a traditional market is now relying on social media to engage with its clients. Realtors are moving online, and most real estate investments are also being made through social media platforms. But you cannot get the best out of an online presence if it is not optimized. You need a strategy. The following guide, if applied right, will help you achieve your goals in no time.

Build a Strategy for your Real Estate Marketing on Social Media

An obvious one, right? But an important step to consider. Many skilled realtors just make their social accounts impulsively. They don’t keep any long-term goals in mind, drastically impacting their reach and engagement. So before you make that FB account, take your time to consider the essential points below:

  • Which social media platforms will you be using for marketing?
  • What is the image you want to create? An expert in investments trusts? A commercial agent?
  • How much money can you invest in ad posting?
  • What services will you offer to your clients?
  • Who are your targeted audience? Narrow the demographics.

By defining your strategy from the above points, you will get a clear picture of your niche. Now you can define your branding with more clarity and authority.

Use Storytelling

A great way to get a huge following is through storytelling. Make innovative and you will be able to catch the attention of a lot of renters and buyers. Here’s how you can incorporate some catchy stories into your marketing on social media.

Promote the neighborhood – People want to know about the neighborhood they are moving into. So don’t just talk about the demographics, prices, and features of the house. Produce a compelling story about the neighborhood too. And don’t be scared to list some cons too, no place can be completely perfect. Through storytelling, you can build a rich understanding of your brand and market for your potential clients.

Testimonial Stories – Happy customers make more customers. This is why you need to post some compelling testimonial stories on your social media. You can take a picture with them or make a small video. Their positive feedback will get a lot of appeal and engagement. It’s a great way to build the trust of your potential clients.

Educating Content – Social media is the best platform to make your followers smarter. Create short stories on different aspects of real estate marketing. You will not only improve their scrolling experience but can also turn them into potential investors or partners.

Hashtag it!

Hashtags are not just to increase likes on your post. Their purpose is to facilitate the user’s browsing experience so that they can find their desired content easily. You can use some real estate hashtags to help your client find you. It’s a great way to help your potential client reach you easily. For hashtags, you can either use generic and real estate tags like #property, #renovated, #rentalhomes, #mortgage, #fixandfliphouses, #dreamhome, #realestateinvestment, #propertyforsale, #homebuyers, and so on.

Or you can customize these tags by adding your targeted property, city, and real estate business name.

Hashtags are the most popular on Instagram. Before adding them to your post, do keyword research and find out which tags suit your target location the most. Don’t have time to manage Social media Account? Wants to hire Social media manager. Get a quote.  The tool will generate the top posts for your socials and add the targeted hashtags accordingly.

Engage with your Followers – Conversations Matter

Your social media posts may be tempting but without any engagement or conversations, you won’t be able to connect with any of your clients. Many homebuyers are confused about their options and they need some assistance. They don’t want an endless sea of advertisements and promotional content with no quick replies to their queries. It’s time to create a friendly and resourceful environment for your followers through conversations. Reach out to them, answer them. Here is how you can encourage proper engagement:

  • Respond to the tagged posts now and then.
  • Reply to the comments with queries.
  • Use features polls and questions in your stories.
  • Do some live sessions.
  • Ask some interactive questions on your posts once in a while.

Tend to the bad reviews too, not just the good ones. But stay away from the typical online bullies and be professional.

Focus on the Visuals

Everyone has a vague idea of what their dream house will look like. Your duty to help them visualize. You need to create images that resonate with your client’s interests. So they can just go online and do house shopping with ease. This will pace up your marketing and you can quickly move on to the next step: giving them a walkthrough tour. But remember to keep it real – don’t violate your client’s trust.

Show your Clients that you Care

Real estate marketing on social media can get you several clients and you can use this opportunity to build new relationships but that doesn’t mean that you abandon the old ones. Through your posts, you can show your followers that you care about them. You have spent much time building these relations, make sure they don’t slip away into the monotony of daily life.

Your client is now living in the new neighborhood and they know the local merits more than you. Their inspiration can attract more clients. And as you maintain the relationship with them, they might also recommend your services to friends and family.

Connect through Videos

On social media, people are more inclined toward videos and reels as compared to written posts. Why? Because they deliver more in less time, are visually appealing, and can create a quick personal connection. Here are some video content ideas you:

  • Upload stories of behind-the-scenes.
  • Give your followers a little tour around the place.
  • Reflect your personality through reels and use light humor so that your followers feel connected.
  • Short videos on stories that give them a day-to-day update on your daily activities.
  • Create an appeal among young families by making videos of good schools, parks, and restaurants in your targeted neighborhood.

Any Success Stories? Post them!

Don’t be afraid to share positive reviews and success stories of your work. No, it isn’t bragging. It is a great way to build the trust of your followers. Get those five stars on Facebook. But if you are really shy about it, you can use the following alternatives:

  • Repost your client’s testimonials on your story.
  • Retweet any good reviews that your customer has posted about you.
  • Reshare a happy customer’s living experience. It doesn’t have to be about you. But it will indirectly be promoting your neighborhood.

Pick your Social Platforms for Marketing Carefully

Every social media platform works differently and you cannot use all of them in the same way. Also, not all social platforms are good for real estate. You have to design the content of each channel accordingly. The three best-suited platforms for real estate marketing on social media are Facebook (with 97% of the realtors), LinkedIn (at 59%), and lastly, Instagram (with 39%). You can also use Twitter and TikTok if you want. Now let’s focus on the 3 primary channels.

Facebook – FB has users from all over the world and here you can improve your growth through both organic and paid posts. You can attach the links to your landing page and informational blogs with your posts. If you are not willing to make a business account then create a group. It’s a great way to interact frequently with your clients.

LinkedIn – This platform is a place for professionals and a great opportunity for you to catch up with other investors, estate agents, and brokerages and see what they are up to.

Instagram – A great visual platform that can be quite compelling to the audience of any age group. Through a single post, you can include several pictures and then add a suitable caption to them.

Marketing on Social Media – Go with Brand Consistency

Branding Marketing” can be such an ominous word, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be. Brand consistency is just about sticking to your brand’s core values and maintaining a consistent image on all social media platforms. You can use the following points to attain this unified brand message for marketing on social media.

  • Stay uniform and consistent about your brand colors
  • Provide guidelines on different formats of your Logo’s display on each platform.
  • Build a positive image on all socials through a standard vision statement.
  • A good headshot with high resolution and proper background that goes everywhere.

The next heading will brief you further on maintaining a consistent brand image.

Strategic and Consistent Posting

The best tip for real estate marketing strategy on social media is consistent and strategic posting. You cannot post the same type of content again and again. You need quality posts that are interactive, educational, and informative, not just promotional.

Furthermore, your followers deserve a consistent online presence so that they can later reach out for your guidance. You need to post consistently on all your social platforms. The idea seems overwhelming we know, which is why we have designed a little helper for you. Through Postredi, you can make a calendar in advance and all your postings will be done accordingly.

Generate Some Valuable Ideas– Use Postredi

Postredi is a scheduling tool through which you can schedule, plan and view your social media posts in advance. With your content already planned, you can readily use your spare time to meet potential buyers. The tool will generate different social media marketing content for you which you can further edit according to your need:

Promotional Content – these posts will revolve around your brand and services in general.

Informative Content – which will share valuable tips, some DIY ideas, and so on.

Entertaining Content – content with indirect relation to your real estate business. It may be any viral or trendy content as well.

Final Thoughts

On social media, the real power is in the hands of the user. And you can use this power to your advantage by attending to their needs, providing scheduled and diverse content, engaging with them regularly, and posting consistently. In short, real estate marketing on social media can help you generate many ads and create successful branding

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