attract private investors through social media

Social Media for Real Estate – Attract Private Investors Now

Is it possible to attract private investors through social media? Absolutely. You can attract investors via social media for Real Estate. One might say it is the only best way for real estate agents to grab the attention of investors – especially young investors. This impact will not fade away any sooner. So what’s better is to become a part of this change.

Social platforms are a great place to communicate and build relations with other investors, providing you an opportunity to reshape and improve your engagement strategy. To understand how one can enhance the attraction of investors through social media, let’s look at the few important points below.

Which social platforms will attract private investors the most?

After emailing, an investor’s favorite and most popular way of communication is social media, especially for young investors.  It’s a great way to improve your brand recognition. If you want dedicated platforms, you first have to pick social media channels that are the best option to attract private investors.

Facebook – is the most dominant platform to nurture leads and engage with your followers. It’s the best place to take a start. Through your posts, you can allow people to get to know about the nature of your work and build trust through positive interactions.

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Instagram – is the best place to target your audience through hashtags and filters. What you need here is aesthetic content, relatable stories, trendy hashtags, and catchy captions; all of which Postredi can quickly sort out for you. The videos and posts here should reflect a whole lifestyle which is how you will attract private investors on Instagram.

LinkedIn– is where you share content relating to your growth and success. Compared to the above two platforms, the users here have a higher net worth and are more educated. The investors there are looking for ways to make themselves financially secure and better. So, it can be a great place for you to build some professional relations and gain the investment trust of high-level investors.

You Need Social Proof

If you want to attract private investors, the key is to build trust. That is where social proof comes into the picture.

Firstly for you, we’ll crack down on what social proof is. For real estate agents, social proof includes posts about your years of experience, properties you have sold, client testimonies, reviews, reposting tagged content, and so on. The purpose of social proof is to help your potential investors decide where they can invest. To select your business for investments, they need some evidence that you did a good job.

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With the help of social proof, you will not only be building trust but also work less for selling. These useful testimonies will get the job done for you and also establish your credibility in the local community.

Stay Visible on Socials

Every investor has one warning in mind – to not get trapped in fraud. To gain their trust, you need a build a proper social media presence slowly. So, start social media marketing on your socials as much as you can and mix up your content a bit. Don’t just go with promotional posts showcasing new deals and property rates. That would probably feel like begging for money. Additionally, anticipate and answer the questions of your investors as quickly as you can. If you don’t stay visible, you will soon be forgotten.

Set up your Social Profiles

Before you start obsessing over gaining a high reach, you might want to think about setting up a good profile. Make sure every social channel’s profile has all the necessary information filled out and set up the following points:

  • Cover photos and profile pictures – are the first thing that will attract private investors to read your posts.
  • Bios and descriptions – should reflect your goals and branding. You can also add the relevant links and hashtags there.

Follow the Relevant People

Now, let’s talk about who are you following from your social accounts and whom should you follow. Business accounts are not a place to follow some meme accounts, the content you get on your feed and the posts you like and comment on, matter a lot. To keep a goal-oriented social presence follow the:

  • Other realtors and any potential investors that you know of.
  • Relevant bloggers and journalists for ideas.
  • Real estate publication pages.

This will help you get some important follow backs and you may also be able to interact with these accounts through post-sharing and tagging.

Provide Updates to your Followers

Just as you like to learn about your followers, they want to know about you too. Be the startup they want to follow up on.

Share your story, and keep them updated about your day-to-day activities or renovation ideas. But make sure to post updates on the previous investors. This will help your potential clients know that you are achieving new milestones. Through targeted updates, it won’t even look like you are marketing and your network will also expand exponentially.

Remember, Reviews and Feedbacks are Important

Positive reviews help not only to build your morale but also to grow your social presence. If you get any shoutouts, mentions, or good reviews, make sure to share them with your followers. It will fasten the decision-making process of investors. Furthermore,

  • Your brand advocacy will build tremendously.
  • Improved credibility amongst the followers.
  • Organic positive feedbacks are the trust-builders which will be a great factor in attracting investors.

Get Featured

Getting featured in online blogs and publications is great. But we need a touch of traditional players too. The purpose is to attract investors from other age groups too. Through a smart online presence, you can build relationships with specialized industries. Get in touch with them and deliver your story.

Engage and Educate – The Two Es of Real Estate Social Media

Social media for real estate has introduced so many new ways of communication. There is no need to slip your cards to other businesses and check out after every week if they have tried reaching back. You don’t need to use your personal connections only. It’s time to make new connections, build some new networks, and engage as much as you can. Reply to every comment and query and respond to the tagged posts and mentions. You can also use groups, polls, and features like “ask me a question” to stay in touch. Ask their opinions on relevant trendy topics.

Not everyone uses social media for the sole purpose of entertainment. People would like to stay informed and updated about what they are investing in. Since you have learned about real estate in detail and you have experience as a realtor, share it with your followers.

Your Good Old Friend – Consistency

How often do you post on your social media accounts? And please don’t say “Whenever I feel like it”. You cannot get on the radar of investors through inconsistent posting and paid ads are not enough. To realistically attract private investors, you have to post consistently on your social media platforms. Postredi is a tool designed to help you with consistent posting. You can save a lot of time and effort by scheduling your posts in advance here. Not only will you be posting smart content by using our “Generate Ideas” tool, but you will also get to follow up on any of the online leads from the “Leads” feature in your Postredi account.

Sum Up

Social media for real estate is continuously changing the financial world. To attract private investors, you need to take full advantage of your social media advertising ideas and build a powerful strategy that will get the investors to take action.

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