6 catchy real estate advertising ideas - ads that convert

6 Catchy Real Estate Advertising Ideas – Ads that Convert

For realtors, real estate advertising has become a key way to attract and connect with both buyers, seller and real estate agent. However, it can be equally challenging to apply best real estate advertising ideas that’s beneficial for them. Because the primary purpose of your ads is to convince your audience to make one of the biggest financial decisions of their life.

In today’s competitive environment, it is getting more difficult to stand out. This is why you have to make creative and catchy ads and bring the maximum potential out of digital advertising. Get the best Content ideas to post on social media for real estate business.

Real estate ads are not just about advertising your service or promoting your brand. It’s also about creating a lifestyle – a perspective from the buyer’s side that would ultimately make them conclude that you are the only real estate agent for them. Ready to make that long-lasting impression on your customers with your ads? Follow the tips below to attain that conversion goal.

Set your Real Estate Advertising Goals and Budget

Just like every other important aspect of being a realtor, real estate advertising also requires a solid social media marketing strategy and a budget. Start by establishing the right goals for your business. What do you plan to achieve through these ads? Which metrics matter the most to your business?

 Hash out these details and learn about your target audience. It will help you build engaging ads that would resonate more accurately with different people. The next thing is to fix the number of leads you wish you achieve through these ads.

Now let’s talk about the budget. Before you start spending money on advertisements, set up a marketing budget. Usually, successful realtors allocate around 10% of their gross commission for marketing activities and 50% of their marketing budget to digital ads. But this budget mostly fluctuates every month. The difficult part to decide here is which real estate catchy ads will generate the maximum return. Here are some core platforms for your ads and their main purpose:

Facebook ads connect with your followers, educate and engage with them.

Instagram ads make a visual connection through reels and carousel posts, and generate leads through hashtags.

LinkedIn ads – showcase your achievements, build expert authority, and connect with other realtors.

Email ads – through targeted emails and videos, nurture relationships with all your clients.

One way to generate leads and build brand awareness through selecting best ideas for real estate advertising is by using such social media scheduling tools that provide optimized marketing services (we will talk about them in a while).

The Value of Video Ads – A Powerful Advertisement Tool

The best way to attract real estate investment capital attraction  is through videos. Video advertising is quite powerful, especially when it comes to visual platforms like Instagram. After the feature of reels was introduced, video ads and posts received 38% more engagement as compared to images. Let’s look at some video ideas that you can use for your real estate ads.

Introduction Video

No one wants to read a long post, after a whole day’s work, detailing you, your career, and your services. They won’t find anything exciting about your ads. People want brief and informative content that also tends to their needs. And the best way to get in touch with your target audience is through video ads. Here, every visual matters.

If you are about to take a start in the market as a realtor, the best way to introduce yourself and your business is by creating a catchy introductory video. This will be a great way to stand out amongst the sea of potential competitors. To ensure that the viewer gets to know everything about you as a realtor, answer the customary questions – who, where, why, and how.

  • Who – Start with your name, your business’s name, and your picture.
  • Where – A few seconds into your locality, the region where you are working from.
  • Why – Showcase your services and also add short clips of testimonials from previous clients.
  • How – A brief slideshow of the contact information to show them how they can reach you.

Listing Videos

Another idea to improve conversion through real estate advertising is by creating attractive listing videos. A listing video needs to be short, captivating, and well, not boring. Take care of the important details first. Before looking at the property, start with a template that states your listing’s price, location, and area. After that, it’s time to create an emotionally-driven ad.

  • By combining video clips, pictures, and audio/text, you can turn this listing video into a story.
  • The video can show people portraying “a day in the life” through which the viewer feels a connection with the home and spark their imagination.
  • Highlight the neighborhood and local attractions since it is a big selling point. You can use drone shots to create a better visual narrative.

Market Update Videos

What are the current market trends? Is it a good time to sell/buy a property? What are the recent price fluctuations? Through market update ads, you can establish yourself as an expert in real estate.

  • Start by sharing the relevant region on which you will be providing an update.
  • Give an overview of the prevalent market conditions to your viewers and add the statistics accordingly.
  • Encourage the views to question at the end.

A pro tip – Conducting a podcast or a webinar on market updates will gain more reach.

Seller’s/Buyer’s Guides

Make your audience the center of your content. Create short guides to educate your audience and provide them with what they are looking for. Answer the commonly asked questions and clear their confusion on potential expenses. It will assist them in accessing the possibility of buying or selling a property.

Targeted Videos

The most effective way to build a good relationship with your customer is by making a personal video that only addresses them. You can build trust by using targeted videos packed with emotion and warmth. Now they will feel more comfortable reaching out to you for any real estate services. It is also a great way to stay connected with your previous clients.

Advertise your Success – Build Social Proof through Testimonies

People prefer realtors with happy clients. It builds a sense of reliability and they also get to realize you are the right person to trust for this job. So, whether you have sold an apartment or a beach house, advertise your success stories. They are a great way of building social proof.

–> Real Estate Investment Trusts

 In such celebratory videos, you can showcase how you helped a client get a good deal. Add a short clip of your customer’s testimony with some special effects and a good background track and you are good to go. When a potential seller or a buyer will watch your content, they will feel more confident and comfortable about hiring you.

Got any new offers? Advertise Them.

Real estate offers usually generate more revenue. Have you got any attractive offers for your services? Advertise them through paid ads. If you are just taking a start as a realtor, this is a great way to generate leads. You’ll require some outside-of-the-box thinking here. Make offers that your audience cannot refuse.

Advertise your Coming Soons and Past Solds

As soon as any listing hits up the “Coming Soon” status, advertise it. By running this soon-to-market promotional content on social media, you will create quite anticipation among your target audience. Hence you are more likely to find a motivated buyer within a reasonable time.

An easy way to build your market value and expertise is by advertising your past sold properties. The key here is to show your audience that you can get them better deals than anyone else in the market. So, showcase the previous solds that ideally distinguish you from your competitors. Such ads will help them take a step further from thinking about a listing to investing in it. Once they reach out to you, you will already have a record to support your claims, some of which they would have seen on social media.

Share Useful Tips and Tricks

There are already a lot of blogs on Google that offer basic real estate tips and tricks. So how can be more useful to your customers? Your aim is to target questions that are complicated and involve real estate jargon. Through Q/A and live sessions, answer their questions in a simplified way. Talk about the relevant tools they can use and groups they can join on social media. Such real estate advertising ideas is probably the best way of building your expertise as a realtor.

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Helpful Real Estate Advertising Tools

Now, let’s talk about important tools that can help you with real estate digital ads and also improve your online presence.

MailChimp – An email marketing tool with a lot of built-in templates for both emails and newsletters.

Package: Offers free start-up and flexible plans.

Anmoto – Simply drag and drop videos to your marketing platform and score numerous clicks on your ads.

Package: A paid plan of $16 per month.

Canva – An easy-to-use and accessible tool through which you can create mock-up visuals and add text to your images.

Package: A free basic package, pro features are offered for $13 per month.

Trello – A task-management tool for real estate teams through which you can make a schedule for your team, update your listings, upload attachments, start discussions, and much more.

Package: Free basic package, the premium package is $10/month.

Postredi – A social media post scheduler tool through which you can automate and organize your social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter and build social proof for your real estate services. The tool also keeps a record of a realtor’s social media leads from every linked platform.

Social media management Package: Starts with a $39 per month annual plan. For realtors, save your time by hiring a marketing assistant for your socials with a $559 per month annual plan.

Build social proof of your rel estate services by using a social media scheduler like Postredi

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