Can I See Who Viewed my Facebook Video

Can I See Who Viewed My Facebook Video?

We have all noticed the recent shift of content from written posts to videos. Most of us prefer to watch reels or videos instead of reading long captions. The trend of reels has taken over Facebook and Instagram. Being a social media user, it’s obvious to be curious about your reach. You might’ve asked yourself “who viewed my Facebook video”. Also, an important aspect of social media management is to stay updated about performance insights to improve your content.

By looking at the number of people who engaged with your posts, and measuring relevant demographics, one can bring certain necessary improvements to their social media scheduling and management strategy.

A short answer to your “who viewed my Facebook video” can be:

It depends upon the type of video you want insights on. If it’s a regular video, you will be able to get engagement insights about it. If it was a live broadcast, you can see who joined before and after it ended.

The available statistics, however, will depend on your privacy settings. So let’s have a short detail as to how you can check your public account’s performance and gain knowledge about your viewers.

Viewers on a Regular Video

A view for a Facebook video is registered if it has been watched for at least 3 seconds. Checking views on Facebook videos and relative insights work differently for individual and business accounts.

Individual Profile

Starting with a regular video that you uploaded on your account. Facebook views operate differently than Instagram. At the bottom of the video, you will see a display of insights.

  • Open any Facebook video.
  • Below the description, you will find stats on the number of reactions, likes, comments, shares, and views as shown in the image below.
Post engagement stats

If you have a private account, the views will narrow down to the target audience you have set. For a public account, the video is open to be viewed by anyone on the platform. Keep in mind that Facebook respects its user’s privacy and will not just give you a complete list of the people who viewed the video. It can also be possible that those who react to your content would not have viewed it. However, by summarizing the likes and comments on the video in question, it’s easier to get an estimation of the number of views.

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Public / Business Profile Viewer Stats

To see who viewed my Facebook video posted on a business profile, the scenario is a bit different. There are additional metrics one can utilize to get a performance overview of your content. This can especially be helpful for social media managers.

To check the stats on your recent Facebook Page video:

  • Go to Page Insights.
  • Click on Videos.
  • Select the period for performance insights.
Facebook Page Insights

If you want to check views and engagement on an individual video, you will need to have access to Facebook Meta Suite. By having that:

  • Go to your Page
  • Opt for Publishing Tools.
  • Click on Video Library
  • Choose the video you are interested in.

Now you can review detailed insights on that specific video’s performance. You will also be provided with organic vs paid reach, audience retention, country, gender, age, and other demographics of your viewers, and much more. These all things help in making social media strategy for small businesses. But, having said that, it is still not possible to have the names of the people who watched the video unless they engage with it.

An important reminder here is that you will only get these stats if your video has at least 100 views.

Viewers on Facebook Live Videos

Live stream work a bit differently when it comes to answering the “who viewed my Facebook video” thing. During the live stream, you can easily see who is watching your video. The viewers will be liking and comment in real-time.

Since the recent updates of Facebook and Instagram, after you end the live session, this recorded stream gets transformed into a regular video. The timing stays the same. Now, the recorded video is just regular video content. From here on, you cannot see who has viewed your video, but you will get the regular stats under the video description.

Manage your Future Viewers

Whoever gets to view your content is in your control. You can either fix a targeted audience or publish it to a wider range audience. You can get a public reach on your private account’s reel and videos by setting your account’s privacy.

Privacy settings for Future FB Video Audience
  • Go to Settings and Privacy.
  • Click on “See more privacy settings”.
  • In Your Activity, you will find numerous options to help you control the viewers of your content.
  • From “Who can see your future reels”, you can update the viewers any time.

Viewers of Facebook Stories

Social media stories are a daily snack for us. We rarely end a day without watching the stories of our favorite Facebook or Instagram accounts. A story is available for 24 hours. However, you can always check your archives to revisit a story. On stories, you can get a complete list of your video’s viewers. Just click on viewers at the bottom left corner. You can change the privacy of the video even after posting it through settings.

Sum Up

If you have a private account, you might not be worried about who viewed my Facebook video. Because the content’s audience will be limited by your Facebook privacy settings as discussed earlier unless you choose to change them. You can also use your account for Paid social media marketing for real estate or for any business if you get a good view of each of your posts You cannot get access to the names or accounts of the viewers unless they engage in any way with the video. One thing however different in Facebook is that you can see who reacted in what way. It’s a good way to get an overview of what your friends prefer to watch.

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However, if you are running a Facebook page, the audience, engagement, and performance insights are all crucial. They will help you decide what kind of content is liked by the most by your audience and you can update or change your social media strategy by it.

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